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What is Custom Cursor?

A custom cursor is a personalized mouse pointer that can be set as the default cursor for a computer or website. Instead of using the standard system cursor, a custom cursor can be an image or animated file that replaces the standard pointer with a personalized one. Custom cursors are used to add a unique touch to a user interface, or to better fit the design and style of a website. They can be set using CSS, JavaScript or through third-party software.

Advantages of using custom cursors

The custom cursor is a most helpful extension-based tool to enhance your computer interface's usability and viewing angle. It will provide a way to customize the appearance and loading symbol of your computer's mouse pointer.

Some of the following advantages of custom cursors are as below:

  • The extension will give you greater control over your interface's appearance and function. By choosing a cursor that reflects your unique style, you can create a more beautiful look for your website elements on the desktop.
  • It is beneficial and efficient with specially designed cursor shapes and newly added animations; it is easier to interact with desktop elements and navigate the cursor effectively on your screen.
  • You can also customize it very quickly. Many custom cursor-related websites allow you to modify various transitions of your mouse cursor appearance, like its size, speed, the color of the cursor, & more.

How to use custom cursors

There are a few different ways to create a custom cursor.

  • Firstly you must download the custom cursor chrome extension from google's extension store.
  • After installing the chrome extension, you need to check our various custom cursor packs.
  • If you like any of them, you need to add that cursor pack into our extension pack to use it as your custom cursor.
  • Finally, after adding this cursor pack to the extension, your computer's cursor is ready to use as you like.